Serum Code PR3
Serum Code PR3
Serum Code PR3

Serum Code PR3

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Our flagship Stimulant pre workout, that will take you to your goals and beyond 

Formulated with the intricacy of Biohacking in every way 

The formula we can describe one by one 

54 Servings Per Tub

Choline Bitartrate (4.5g) : The building block and co part of Acetylcholine, At a dose you are more than likely to have no seen in a pre workout before, 4.5g go Choline Bitartrate 40% yielding 40% actual choline, so we will see a greatly increased level of choline in our body and brain 

DMAE bitartrate (300mg):  DMAE works slightly different in increasing Choline in the body and brain, studies show DMAE get rapidly absorbed into the brain followed by raised levels of choline, this is due to DMAE working at stopping the metabolism of choline, so not only are we increasing levels via increase choline, DMAE is going to stop the metabolism of increased choline 

Alpha Lipoic Acid (300mg): Not one people will be used to seeing In a pre workout but ALA has a very profound effect in synergy with the other cholinergic ingredients, remember we said before we have raised levels of choline via Choline B and DMAE ? well we are still lacking the Acetyl group to join the two to form the neurotransmitter Acetyl-Choline, this is where ALA comes in. ALA increases Glucose uptake in the brain which subsequently leads to more Acetyl-CoA, it also activates Choline acetyl transferase which transfers the acetyl off the '-CoA' to join it with Choline to form Acetyl choline.... and a lot of it !

Gotu Kola (300mg): Now at this point we have constructed and made Acetyl Choline for cognitive function and laser like mentality, Gotu Kola comes with a different mechanism of action, Gotu kola is an AcetylCholinesterase inhibitor, so in normal people terms, stop the break down of Acetyl Choline, which is what we want when we have constructed such high levels in the brain. it also Decreases cortisol and has a whole host of benefits outside of its ability to boost AcetylCholine 

Cocoa Extract (900mg):  This specific extract has a very big effect in this product and something can not often or at all be replicated, This extract boosts the release and prevents the reuptake of both Serotonin and Dopamine Via TAAR1 and TAAR 2 activation, so with this, a totally enlightened mood and increased energy, sense of well being, happiness, motivation and general sense of feeling amazing, which is what we take these products for! we want energy, focus, increased sense of well being and to feel happy ! which is exactly what this ingredient gives us, with NO tolerance and NO crash, so the first dose will feel as potent as the last !

Tyrosine (3g) :  One of The building Blocks of Dopamine, Tyrosine converts into L-dopa which then gets synthesised into Dopamine, if we are enhancing the release of dopamine we also need to be providing the building blocks, 3g is up at the highest end you will see tyrosine at in Pre workouts.

Bacopa leaf Extract 45% 450mg: Bacopa leaf is one of the most influential support ingredients we could ask for, it effects many different ways..

it is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, supporting higher levels of Acetyl choline

it has been shown to stop dopamine receptor dysfunction 

it improves synaptic communication 

it increase tryptophan hydroxolase that converts Tryptophan into serotonin 

it decreases cortisol 

it increases cerebral blood flow 

and at a dose we have not seen before ! normal dose is 300mg, here in serum code Pr3 

L-Theanine (300mg): Theanine is here for a few reasons, its ability to show increased effects with caffeine, but mainly its ability to inhibit the synaptic release of Glutamate to protect us from over stimulation, this plays a influential role the fact of having no come down, it also increases Alpha and Theta Brain waves, creating a mood of calm relaxed productivity, Theanine increases Dopamine, Serotonin and Gaba, decreasing anxiety and increasing sense of well being 

Hordenine (150mg):  as well providing a smooth but powerful stimulus of itself Hordenine is a MOA inhibitor, MOA quickly metabolises cocoa extract so to prolong the effects of cocoa extract we added in hordenine to prolong the benefits we want from this product 

Caffeine anhydrous (600mg):  Probably the most under rated yet over used nootropics ever ??, Caffeine is an adenosine antagonist which influences acetylcholine, epinephrine (adrenaline), serotonin and boosts the use of dopamine.

it also increases the density of Gaba receptors and potentiates Dopamine.

Juglans Regia Extract 375mg:  A naturally occurring active found in nature but provides us with phenomenal energy and endurance to complete our sessions and go that extra step further with everything we do, this is the powerhouse feel from this product at a dose we have never seen from juglans

Astragin 75mg: Astragin a patent from Nuliv Science has been shown to increase the absorption of many vitamins, minerals and ingredients to improve the potency and improve the amount of ingredient absorbed 

Black pepper extract 7.5mg: Black pepper inhibits the drug metabolising enzyme CYP3A4, this allows us to utilise the effects of the ingredients to a much higher degree, not only are we increasing absorption, we are increasing the body ability to utilise the ingredients too.